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There are five Quaker meetings in the York area.

Three of these are in York itself, the largest based in Friargate. Around York, members of the Religious Society of Friends (commonly known as Quakers) worship and work together as York Area Meeting.

Our Quaker Meeting Houses are not only home to thriving Quaker meetings, but also a community resource – meeting places for many community groups and organisations.

Quakers share a way of life rather than a set of beliefs.

We seek to experience God directly, within ourselves and in our relationships with others and the world around us.

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The latest leaflet for newcomers to Friargate is here.

Worship A Friargate leaflet for people

A Quiet Place in the Centre of York

Friargate Quaker Meeting has opened a Quiet Room as part of its building improvements.
This place of stillness is available to everyone throughout the day for quiet reflection.

Read more about it on the special Quiet Room webpage.


Refugee Crisis: How can we help?

York Area Meeting Clerks have prepared a short guide to local and national agencies or groups working to support refugees and asylum seekers. This is at the request of York Friends wishing to help. You can find it here.


Your Friargate webpages launched

Friargate users, including some new groups, have been enjoying the improved facilities available since our rebuilding work.

For easier access to information about our rooms there is now a new direct web address.

Groups and other interested visitors can go straight to: from their web browser.


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Our website: Personal information

Following recent discussion of how we treat personal information on our website, a new paper attempts to clarify the current policy.

This is in the form of a number of questions and answers.

You can find this paper on the AM business page, as well as here.

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Re-Imagining Security

In her TED Talk, Celia McKeon, a member of Friargate Quaker Meeting, discusses conventional views of what constitutes security in the modern world.

She goes on to suggest what the key factors really are, and how they are being put into practice around the world

Read more and view a recording of the talk on our News page.

Poster of the month

Lightning Rods for Rwanda

This month Friends World Committee for Consultation, the international body for co-operation between Quaker Yearly Meetings, has issued an urgent appeal on behalf of Friends in Rwanda.

All public buildings in the country need to install lightning rods with immediate effect.

For Friends in Rwanda this will be an impossible burden without external help. To find out more, and how you can help, visit our news page by clicking on the photo or here.

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