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Resources Committee was formed in 2013, bringing together the work of the former Premises and Finance Committees.



Resources Committee administers the financial affairs of the Local Meeting, the day-to-day management of our funds and their right stewardship. It has oversight over all forms of income (through donations and room lettings for example, as well as expenditure.

It draws up an annual budget based on our projected income. Like our other committees, Resources Committee is responsible to the Local Meeting and the budget is presented to the Local Meeting annually. As part of York Area Meeting, we are also accountable to our Area Meeting and its trustees.

Contributions for our work are managed through an annual Subscriptions Schedule, which members and many attenders receive. This enables both donor and the meeting to plan and apportion money over the year as a whole.



Resources Committee is responsible for the sustainable upkeep and maintenance of our meeting house and its garden. This includes care of the fabric of the building and the furnishing, equipping and decoration of its rooms.

The committee is also manages the use of the meeting house as a community resource. It agrees the lettings and charging policy, and is also responsible for staffing and employment matters.


Members of the committee are appointed by the Local Meeting on the basis of nominations from the LM Nominations Committee. They serve for a period of 3 years, which can be extended by one further term. The LM Clerk, Treasurer and Architect are also ex-officio members of the committee, as are our Meeting House Manager and the Resident Warden.

How we raise and administer our financial resources affects both the inter-relatedness of our service and the quality of the work itself.

Quaker Faith and Practice, 14.01




Treasurer email: friargatetreasurer@yorkquakers.org.uk
Convenor email: fgteresources@yorkquakers.org.uk


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A meeting house should not be regarded primarily in terms of bricks and mortar … its real value derives from the worship and service of the meeting.
Quaker Faith and Practice, 15.14

The committee's last report to Friargate Local Business Meeting.


Margaret Bryan (Treasurer)
Patricia Critchley
Roy Love (Subscriptions treasurer)
David Laverick (ox officio LM clerk)
Jane Gibbins
John Gilham
Terry Kay (ex officio Ass. Treasurer)
Tracey Sharp (MH Manager)
Simon Palmour
Stephen Parry (architect)
Julian Pattison
Graham Ralph

Most recent report of the Friargate Business Group


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