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Acomb Quakers host moving talk by former soldier

Quakers and Sustainability: Our Commitment Revisited

February 2017

British Quakers affirmed their concern for the sustainability of our planet at their Yearly Meeting in 2011.

This commitment was expressed in the Canterbury Commitment, which set out areas for action.

Sarah Allen, York Quakers' representative at the national Meeting for Sufferings (an executive committee of the Yearly Meeting), reports that this February the national Sustainability Group has revisited the subject.

They have identified five areas for action (see panel, right.)

Sarah would welcome comments and news of local initiatives to inform her work on our behalf:

"If anyone has any feedback I would love to kept in the loop."


Contact Sarah at Friargate Meeting, or via our Area Meeting Clerk, who will forward any comments to Sarah.


Click on the panel to read the recommendations in full.

Click on the image to read the Canterbury Commitment to Sustainability.


March 2017

Wayne Sharrocks, a 27-year old former British soldier and now member of the Veterans for Peace organisation spoke to Acomb Quakers on March 19th.

In his talk, "A modern soldier's story: How killing becomes normal", Wayne spoke of his military experiences, leading up to injuries in Afghanistan and his leaving the army in 2013.

Describing his own experiences, Wayne outlined his youthful idealism and the reasons youngsters have to join the armed forces. He also spoke of the influences targetted at children by the military.

After leaving the army, Wayne worked in a number of jobs, struggled with the mental effects of his experiences and came to make a film about his insights.

Now an activist with Veterans for Peace, Wayne laid a white poppy wreath at the London cenotaph on behalf of the organisation in 2016.


You can view a recording of Wayne's talk by following the link on the right.

Wayne Sharrocks, former soldier and

Friargate Quaker's TED Talk about "Re-Imagining Security"

March 2017

Friargate Quakers arranged a showing of a TED talk given by Celia McKeon, a member of the York Meeting.

TED Talks are inflfuential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, technology and creativity, They are recorded and placed on the internet.

Celia's talk, given in 2015 has the title "Re-imagining Security". It starts with the striking image of a clenched fist.

Beginning with widely-held views about what constitutes security, Celia invites us to explore their validity, and sets out what she believes to be the real basis for lasting security and justice.

She goes on to explore attempts around the world to put non-military strategies into practice.


You can view a recording of Celia's talk by following the link on the right.

Quaker by Convincement? Help with academic research requested

March 2017

Hilary Marson, a PhD student at Birmingham University, is looking for Friends willing to help with her work towards a dissertation with the title "Coming into the Light: a study of Quaker experience of convincement".

The study aims to compare the the convincement of early Quakers with that of modern-day Friends. Experiences will be shared in a confidential one-to-one interview. If possible, interviews will be conducted in the York area between 12th - 16th June.

If you may be interested in helping, Hilary has prepared an information sheet which can be viewed online by following the link on the right

Contact will be initially be by email, and further arrangements will be made by telephone. You'll find details on the sheet.


Click on the panel to view the participant information.

Sheriff's Lady invites you to Tea and Art

March 2017

During her year of service as Sheriff's Lady in York, York Quaker Brenda Tyler has chosen a number of local charities to support.

During April, she will be offering to sell a number of her watercolours in aid of the groups. Prices will be around £35-£75, and proceeds will aid the charities.

To enable a viewing of the pictures, Brenda is offering interested people to visit her and look at them over a cup of tea.

Visitors will fix a time with her by phone or email.

The local groups chosen by Brenda are:

St Nicks Centre for Nature and Green Living
York Racial Equality Network
York Civic Trust
York LGBT Forum

For further details, see the flyer on the right.


Click on the image to view the flyer with contact details..

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Open Brunch starts at Friargate

April 2017

For the first time, in April, Friargate opened its doors for Open Brunch, from 10am till noon.With coffee/tea and a late breakfast provided, the event aims to offer an opportunity for informal daytime discussion and study in a small group.

Danielle Palmour, who is organising the mornings on behalf of Friargate elders, hopes that the sessions will attract both regulars, as well as those who might occasionally wish to drop in.

Topics and activities will aim to take into account the interests of the groups.

Open Brunch will take place once a month. The second morning will be on May20th. To find out further dates, check out the details in Quakevine, our monthly newsletter (on the homepage of this website).

Alternatively see our online events calendar, where you will also find full details.

New job vacancies at Friargate

May 2017

Friargate Quaker Meeting is seeking to appoint two new members of staff for its thriving meeting house community centre.

The meeting house is a popular and busy centre for many varied groups.

It is also a venue for national Quaker and non-Quaker gathering, valued for its central location in the country.

The building has recently been extended to widen the facilities on offer.

Users say that one of the particular aspects of the venue is the calm, friendly and can-do attitude of our outgoing and helpful staff.

The two jobs are both part-time, one of 31 and one of 15 hours per week, and it is hoped to take into account the particuar strengths and weaknesses of the new staff members.

The second post will include the co-ordinating of a team of voluntary helpers.

Full details of the posts and further background information can be viewed online or downloaded by clicking on the photo link on the right. (Application deadline: 17th May)


Click on the photo to view full information about the positions at the meeting house and how to apply for them.